1. razorshapes:

    Maja Daniels - Into Oblivion

    Artist’s Statement:

    "The “Protected Unit” is home to residents with Alzheimer’s disease. Due to tendencies to wander about and potentially get lost, they are confined within the ward. A locked door separates the occupants from the rest of the hospital.

    Ruled according to the “principle of precaution”, residents in the unit can circulate freely within the secured area but due to a lack of activities and a limited presence of carers in the ward, the locked door becomes the centre of attention for the elders who question the obstruction and attempt to force it open. The daily struggle with the door, damaged due to repeated attempts to pick the lock, can last for hours.

    This series documents not only the day-to-day challenges in an often ignored sector, but also the wider implications of the growing populations of elderly in modern society as an increasing life span has coincided with the breakdown of the family unit.”


  2. Hemingway scrive allo specchio



  4. nevver:

    “Reality exists so we can speculate about it.” — Slavoj Žižek

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  5. likeafieldmouse:

    Anne de Vries - Brain to Brain Interface (2014)


  6. collectheworld:

    Francesco Amorosino, The Rome Guide For Terrorists, 2013. Photographic and book project

    A series of photos of places in Rome that you are not allowed to enter and to take pictures of, but that are widely documented by services such as Google Street View and Google Maps


  7. bobbycaputo:

    Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva Visualize an Architectural Apocalypse

    Ukrainian photographers Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva have visualized ‘apocalypse in art’, a series which builds upon the morbid and wide-sweeping contemporary fascination in catastrophe and disaster, particularly theories regarding the end of the world. The spirit of Armageddon ‘holds sway over modern culture and slowly infects everything around us’ describes the artists ‘how will this virus affect art? will there still be a place for an art in society?’

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  9. icancauseaconstellation:

    Map of the Outer Geography of the Odyssey and of the Form of the Earth According to Homer. From The World, A Classical Atlas, 1870

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  10. thepostermovement:

    Her by Janee Meadows