1. collectheworld:

    Francesco Amorosino, The Rome Guide For Terrorists, 2013. Photographic and book project

    A series of photos of places in Rome that you are not allowed to enter and to take pictures of, but that are widely documented by services such as Google Street View and Google Maps


  2. bobbycaputo:

    Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva Visualize an Architectural Apocalypse

    Ukrainian photographers Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva have visualized ‘apocalypse in art’, a series which builds upon the morbid and wide-sweeping contemporary fascination in catastrophe and disaster, particularly theories regarding the end of the world. The spirit of Armageddon ‘holds sway over modern culture and slowly infects everything around us’ describes the artists ‘how will this virus affect art? will there still be a place for an art in society?’

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  4. icancauseaconstellation:

    Map of the Outer Geography of the Odyssey and of the Form of the Earth According to Homer. From The World, A Classical Atlas, 1870

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  5. thepostermovement:

    Her by Janee Meadows


  6. yimmyayo:

    Thrown Camera Photographs by Iain Baxter
    R TR179.5.B399 T47 1979
    “This publication was produced on the occasion of an exhibition of photo-art by Iain Baxter/N.E. Thing Co. at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge . March 11 – April 8, 1979.”[ICP library copy is signed by Iain Baxter& - Iain Baxter changed his name to Iain Baxter& in 2005]. Thrown Camera Photographs is part of a series which includes: Vancouver Beauty Spots, Reflections Lethbridge and Ever Ready.


  7. Anziani. Di spalle. Un libro fotografico di Eamonn Doyle


  8. vandlo:

    M.I.A. writing her album “Arular” - 2004 

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  9. Un’estate a Milano (2014)


  10. Sasha Grey by Gregg Segal

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